COVID 19 Update – PPE

PPE Is A Necessity

Coronavirus has taken hold of the world and is spreading at an alarming rate. It first originated in Wuhan in December 2019 and has since continued to grow affecting 211 countries internationally.

map of coronavirus

Coronavirus is also known as COVID-19 is predominately a respiratory illness that can lead to severe pneumonia accompanied by high temperature. Initial symptoms include, dry cough, fever, tiredness and generally feeling unwell but other symptoms are also being recorded such as loss of smell, taste and digestive upset.

Over half of all confirmed cases have been reported as mild, however, for some coronavirus patients this can be fatal, especially for those with underlying health conditions or the elderly. The government has taken action to protect those most at risk by asking all people over 70, those who have long term health conditions and those who are pregnant to self isolate at home until further notice.

As of 7th April 2020, the confirmed cases globally stand at a record 1,247 182 cases and an alarming 69,212 deaths with estimated numbers to double over the forthcoming months. Hospitals are reaching breaking point and there is currently a shortage of personal protection equipment for all those working on the front line. Companies across the world are producing Ventilators and (PPE) personal protective equipment however, demand is still not being met and workers on the front line are putting themselves at risk due to the shortage. The general public has taken to ‘homemaking’ equipment to protect themselves with the use of elastic rolls, fabric, plastic sheeting, and latex gloves.

black and white elastic roll
elastic roll - ppe

As COVID 19 is a new illness there is no scientific evidence as to how the virus is spreading, what we do know is that it is airborne, it can be passed by touch and also lives on surfaces for several hours. The best way to prevent spread is by keeping a 2ft distance between anyone that doesn’t live in your household and wash hands, clothes, surfaces thoroughly to kill the virus before it spreads. The following months are going to be much different from how many of us have ever imagined. Communities must stick together and play their role to protect the NHS and those who are most vulnerable. A cure has not yet been produced but scientists are working on this to protect us for the future.

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