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Nova Trimmings offer high-quality products at wholesale prices, where you can buy many fabrics to create any item of choice.

Products including clothing, carpets and curtains are all made of fabric. All fabric online items can be a mix of materials but they do all fall under the one fabric category. Fabrics are formed by weaving, braiding, crocheting and knitting raw materials together, this is a process where fibres are interlaced to produce the desired product.

There are four main sources for all types of fabric online. These are animal, plant, mineral and synthetic.

Animal as a source produce wool and silk and is commonly made from hair, skin, fur or silk.

The Plant source produces cotton, flax, jute and bamboo.

Mineral produce glass fibre for the use of fire blankets and stage curtains. Mineral is the only flame-retardant material that can be used for fabric.

Synthetic produce Nylon, polyester, Acrylic and Rayon and is the most common of the four for the production of clothing. Synthetic is the only one of the four that is a man-made product, all other sources are naturally produced.

There are a large range of fabrics online to choose from these include denim, cotton, polyester, silk, velvet and many more.

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Nova Trimmings have been supplying fabric for over 40 years at competitive prices to all the UK. We offer free delivery for all orders over £30. Shop our full range or contact us below for more information.

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