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Traditionally, searching for wholesale fabrics took a whole lot of effort! From find finding a fabric wholesale warehouse, to searching through mountains of huge and badly stocked rolls, and finally having to get your roll from the bottom of a very big pile. The process of searching for wholesale fabrics can be arduous, time-consuming, and labour intensive. Not anymore!
Nova Trimmings in Birmingham has a fully catalogued wholesale collection of fabrics, and they give customers the choice of finding and viewing the stock itself at their Birmingham warehouse, or - more fitting in the digital age in which we work and live - finding wholesale fabrics online via their website.

Our Wholesale Fabrics Online Range

At Nova Trimmings, you can choose from a comprehensive and catalogued range of fabric designs, textures and colours, perfectly suited for any craft project or design.
• Patterned Fabrics
• Crushed Velvet & Corduroy
• Plain Fabrics
• Dress Net
• Lycra Fabrics
• Sequin Fabrics
• Jane Makower Fabrics
• Christmas Fabrics
• Dress Linings

Dressmaking Fabrics Online

We also have an enviable selection of dress fabric, perfect for wholesale fashion retail customers. From timeless gingham and polka-dot designs in a range of colours, to unique and fashionable patterned prints for something more bespoke. Again, just visit our Fabrics Online page.

Bedding Fabrics Online

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Like any reputable fabric wholesaler, Nova has a substantial stock of wholesale fabrics online that are ideally suited for bedding, like sheets, quilt covers, and pillowcases. We have styles and patterns suitable for all, from Peppa Pig prints and other kids’ TV favourites, to more luxurious and textured fabrics that are perfect for adult bedding.

Upholstery & Curtain Fabrics Online

As well as common and popular fabrics for dressmaking and bedding, Nova also stocks and supplies curtain and upholstery fabrics online too. We have a huge and ever-changing range of wholesale fabrics that are perfect for curtain and upholstery design. From lush velvet or faux suede for living rooms, to fun prints for kids bedrooms, just visit our wholesale Fabric Online page and use our search filter to quickly find what you’re looking for. We even have a range of braiding, trimming and piping cord to help give your project the perfect finish.

Find Your Fabrics Online Now!

If you like the sound of our wholesale fabrics online range, search and find exactly what you’re after on our website here, or if you prefer the more traditional and tactile approach of visiting our wholesale warehouse, just contact us to arrange a visit.