Nova Trimmings has a variety of buttons for a wide selection of clothing.
Our expansive collection includes fish eye sewing buttons, covering buttons, diamante buttons and novelty buttons…

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button tubes for craft wholesale haberdashery

Button Tubes 32mm Diameter x 10

Round Striped Fine Style Buttons

Round Striped Fine Style Buttons

red flower shape dimante button

Red Shank Crystal Button

gold kiss button with white dimantes

Cross Shank Crystal 15 mm Button

white dimante bow shape button

Gold Bow Crystal Shank

small gold flower button with one white dimante

Gold Single Stone 10 mm Diameter Button

large gold button, open petals, multiple white dimantes

Gold Fret Shank Crystal 25 mm Button

single white heart dimante

Heart Shaped Diamante Buttons Two Sizes

single white flower dimante

Flower Shaped Diamante Buttons

round dimante button with cut out start design

Star Deco Crystal Diamante Buttons

square button with multiple dimantes

Square Crystal Diamante Buttons

white dimante flower shaped button

Crystal Diamante Deco Buttons