Are Zips A Fashion Item?

Are zips a fashion item?

The standard zip is now becoming more and more of a fashion focal point – bolder, more statement items!

Blue and Red Zips
Zips on Household Items

The Rise in Zip Fashion…

The standard zip is on so many items of clothing or home décor items that they go unnoticed a lot of the time. This however is changing!

Zips are now being used as statement items on clothing; they are being used more and more as features on bags and household items; they are even becoming the popular fastener for more luxury items like wedding dresses, removing the old corset styles from the market.

So just how far has the good old zip come?

Many top name brands are now utilizing the zip feature on their clothing and embossing the fabric with their logo in bold print. This is another way of brand advertising and awareness as they stand out on every item of clothing worn.

They are also becoming a popular feature on footwear. Although most of the time they are now a useless addition, they are rapidly being used as an accessory on the front of footwear to draw attention to them.

Across all clothing items, zips are growing in use and fashion. On both tops and knitwear items, zips can now be found as stand out items on the sides to be used as a feature or as an actual zip. They are also being found more and more on trousers or jeans as additional features, not leading to any additional pockets, merely for style purposes.

Many women are now using bags with zips on a daily basis, but also finding evening bags or office bags can now come with zips too! If you are going into the office, your files and equipment can be kept together in a zip up file; if you are at home and have a number of creams and beauty items, these can now be kept in zip up bags.

Within your house, you may find the cushions now have more of a standout zip feature, they are no longer hidden away.

How Zips Are Now Fashion Focal Points!

Zips are now part of everyday life, both in fashion and the home. You would be able to find zips on:

  • Wedding Dresses
  • Cushions
  • T-Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Bags – casual and evening bags
  • Bags for household items i.e. creams, notepads, office equipment and files
  • Trousers and Jeans
  • Coats

Where to Buy Zips…

Zips can be purchased from haberdasheries. A Haberdashery is a wholesaler for craft items, usually supplying a variety of items such as zips, trimmings, lace, fabrics and more.

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