Spring Statement Fabrics

As spring approaches, new fabrics and new styles come to the forefront of fashion! In 2023, bold, bright and statement fabrics are emerging in a number of ways.

Bright Colours & Bold Patterns

Whether you are a shirt wearer or love a bomber jacket, this spring, you can be sure to find the new statement piece for your wardrobe.

Bright colours and bold patterns are being intertwined together to create new fabric designs; animals, floral, or a simple yet bold stripe, all of these are emerging as favourites for spring collections and wardrobes.

Some popular colours predicted include a bright, spring yellow and a subtle lilac. Yellow is notorious for being the colour of optimism, perfect for the spring/summer season. Whether it be a summer dress or a spring shirt, yellow stripes and gingham is working its way into fashion. Alternatively, you could look for purple. Whether it be lilac, lavender or aubergine, purple is again making headway this spring, working well in denim or navy pairings.

Bold statement fabrics
Subtle spring fabrics

Spring Statements & How to Use Them

Whether you choose to go from a bright colour or a bold statement fabric, it is not just these considerations. You will need to think about how you want to utilise your fabric.

You may want to re-vamp your wardrobe this spring with statement shorts, trousers, or jackets, bringing some new life to your outfits. Pairing a shirt or jacket with denim, or some bold trousers with a simple top can turn your outfit into a classic look.

If your wardrobe is not your aim, you may be thinking about giving your home décor some new life. From cushion covers to curtains, you could add a touch of patterned fabric to your living room this year, creating a unique look throughout your home.

Haberdashery Supplies

At Nova Trimmings, we have a wide range of fabrics available, including:

Each fabric can bring a different feel to your home or wardrobe. Crushed velvet can bring some spring elegance; patterned fabric can give you a statement piece;  plain fabrics can give you a subtle spring edge. Find the right fabric for you.

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