Curtains & Accessories to Match!

Having the right curtains and accessories can really set the tone of a room. Why not find out more and shop for your accessories from your local haberdashery!

5 September 2022

Curtains and accessories - white curtains and chair with blue cushions

Curtains can really make a room feel different. If you have the right curtains, they can make a room feel warm, cosy and inviting; however if done wrong, they can stand out, look bulky and stand out in the wrong way.

For some, curtains are an opportunity to make a statement and go for something bold, bright and exciting in design. For others, they can be a subtle addition to a room, blending in with the paint and décor.

Bold statement orange curtains to floor

Why Are Curtains Important?

We have already mentioned how curtains can impact the feel of a room; they can also help with the overall look of a room. For those who may like a full-length curtain, having them at a length to just skim the floor is often the best look. This can bring an elegance to a room.

Curtains are also great should you wish to block out all light at night or just cover the window, allowing morning sunrise to seep in.

What Can Curtain Accessories Actually Do?

There are a range of accessories that you can find to bring something extra to your curtains, whether that be in terms of additional patterns or a bold curtain ties.

Here at Nova Trimmings, we offer a wide range of additional curtain accessories to create a bespoke, unique look to your home:

  • Curtain hooks – our range of curtain hooks allow you to keep your curtains contained in a stylish yet elegant way throughout your home.
  • Curtain tie backs – a bold curtain tie that stands out against your curtains can bring a bold and elegant look to your room.
  • Curtain trim and tassels – these additional trims and tassels can compliment a curtain, particularly a heavier velvet curtain, drawing the eye.
  • Curtain braid – additional braid can make curtains become bespoke in look, but also bring extra detailing and pattern work to your room.

Help From Your Local Haberdashery

If you are looking for a bespoke set of curtains, or for some additional accessories to add something more to your existing curtains, why not take a look at our products online. Nova Trimmings have a wide range of trimmings and fabrics available for your craft needs.

If you have any queries, contact us today for more information. Our team are happy to help!