Choosing the Right Upholstery Fabrics

If you are looking at improving your home with some home DIY, you will need to take some time out to consider your upholstery fabrics. The task may seem daunting at first, but the fabrics you choose make a big difference to a room and the furniture within.

Pieces can be statement or understated pieces; something that stands out in a bold and bright manner, or something that sinks into the room with a neutral feel and look. Whichever end of the scale you go for, this will impact which type of fabric you need.

Upholstery for Chairs - Corner Covers
Things to consider when thinking of updating your upholstery fabrics is colour, material, durability and the environmental impacts. Shop today at Nova Trimmings

Considerations for Upholstery Fabrics

Whether you are re-doing your upholstery in a domestic or commercial environment, it is key to consider material type, colours, durability, how to care for the materials and environmental factors.


Materials can be broken down into natural materials or synthetic materials.

Natural materials are woven together and found in nature: cotton, cotton blend and linen are all material materials used in upholstery.

Alternative natural materials also include vinyl and leather. Both of these are easier materials to clean and can provide a sturdier choice perhaps.

Synthetic materials on the other hand are man-made fibres such as nylon, polyester, and acetate. They are usually cheaper than natural materials but generally are considered to be more durable in comparison and are water resistant


As already mentioned, colour can make a big difference in a room, depending on the feel you are going for. If you want a neutral looking room for elegance, neutral colours will be the way to go. Whether they are light or dark, it will tend to be a subtle upholstery material that is chosen for this type of elegant feel.

In comparison, if you want a statement piece and are looking for a bright and bold piece, you will need to pick a bold colour that will stand out in the room.

Durability & Care

Another consideration is the durability of the upholstery fabric you are choosing. For commercial properties, durability is an important consideration. They are often manufactured to give added strength to them. One of the key features of a durable material is the tightly woven together fabric with a high thread count.

You also have to think about the care and upkeep of your upholstery. Spills and stains happen no matter how careful you are. Having a natural fabric may lead to higher upkeep and the need for regular replacement overall. Stains are harder to remove; however, going with a synthetic fabric can mean you are able to maintain the look of your fabric. These synthetic fabrics tend to be easier to clean with water based products because they can withstand water based stains and spills better.

Other Considerations

Other things to consider include the environment in which your upholstery fabrics are going to be placed.

If your room gets a lot of sunlight, you may need to consider a fade resistant fabric in order to preserve the colour for a longer period of time.

Alternatively, if you have a room that is prone to damp and mildew, it may be an idea to consider a mildew resistant fabric to again preserve the fabric for a longer period of time.

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