Bold Print Fabrics

Bold print fabrics are the in thing this May!

When thinking about bold prints, it can be a bright, colourful fabric full of patterns; or it could be a bright coloured piece with minimal design to bring simplicity to any room. It depends very much on your personal style and preference.

Using Bold Prints in Upholstery

Bold prints work well in upholstery too! Whether you require them to cover your cushions, become your sofa covers, maybe even curtains….it can bring something different to any room.

Bold prints can include floral designs, unique prints, or simple bold colours. If you have a grey sofa, you may choose a bold fabric to bring your cushions to life for example.

One of the key areas that prints work well is curtains. Curtains are a permanent feature of your room and often bring something different to the feel and look of the room with ease. It is important to remember that your curtain print must match the current colours of your room to tie everything together nicely, but they can be a floral or bold as required!

Nova Trimmings have an extensive range of fabrics that would work well as curtains, as well as being able to supply the other required materials and tools needed to make your own set of curtains!

Bold Fabrics - Floral Prints
Bold Print Fabrics - Tartan

Tips for Keeping it Simple

Here at Nova Trimmings, we understand that choosing the right bold print fabric can be difficult if you are new to the home renovation and DIY world. For this reason, we have put together some tips for keeping it simple yet hitting the mark every time!!

  • Be consistent with colours
    • One of the first things to consider when looking at bold colours and prints is to be consistent – stick with the same tonal colour palette. Add features throughout the room with warmer colours that work well with your bold colour or pattern.
  • Know where and when to add prints
    • Bold print fabrics bring a refined wow factor to a room as a statement piece. Using them in an open and larger space can help ensure that they don’t give a sense of clutter. They can be refreshing and statement without being too in your face!
  • Layer up!
    • When layering up bold colours with printed fabrics, this can add depth to any room. It is key to keep simplicity at the forefront of your mind, but adding depth can bring your room to life through print and unique creativity too!

Bold Print Fabrics from Nova Trimmings

Nova Trimmings, Birmingham is your go-to haberdashery for all things bold, bright, and colourful!

If you are looking to take up a new hobby in home renovation and DIY, or simply want to bring some new life to your home, Nova Trimmings can help you. We have an extensive range of fabrics available, with the accompanying products and tools too!

Take a look online today; if you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call! Our team will always try to find the right solution for your needs!