Cosplay Costume Ideas & Creation

For a blog on cosplay costume creation ideas that usually inspire thoughts of superhero movie outfits, there’s only one opening line and tone of voice we can go for…

*Adopts best movie trailer voice*…In A World, where superhero movies are revered and re-watched every single day, there is a niche, yet very popular craze/hobby – Cosplay. This is where gamers and movie fans dress up and enact as their favourite game and/or movie characters.

So, whether you’re a fancy dress/costume company that wants the fabrics, materials, and haberdashery for your own cosplay costume ideas to sell or hire out, or whether you yourself are a cosplay DIYer, Nova Trimmings is the perfect place to look for cosplay ideas.

Cosplay Costumes Threading

Sewing Thread for Cosplay Costumes

Like any great idea, you have to start with the small details first, and the small details for cosplay ideas and creation is the stitching and sewing. Nova Trimmings have an enormous and diverse range of sewing threads that are perfect for all sorts of cosplay creation ideas.

All sorts of sewing thread colours, including neon and flourescent ranges - perfect for cosplay superheroes! Nova also has their own brand - Superstitch -  a premium grade of polyester thread that offers extra strength, perfect for cosplay costumes that need to be robust for all the potential fun and movement that cosplay brings.

Explore our sewing thread range here.

Cosplay Costumes Fabrics Online

Now time for the cosplay costume body! Nova Trimmings has one of the largest stocks of fabrics online. Explore our fabrics ranges here;

And a key one for a lot of cosplay ideas…

Zips & Buttons for Cosplay Costume Ideas

It’s all good and well creating a cosplay outfit for a superhero or otherworldly character, it’s another thing fitting an ‘everyday’ body into it!!! That’s where a good range of quality zips and buttons come into it.

Nova has a huge range of zips and buttons, from the plain and boring to the bright and luminous. Whatever cosplay creation ideas you are looking at, we have the ideas zips and buttons to make your cosplay idea a reality.

Haberdashery for Cosplay Costume Ideas Creation

The finishing touches, the costume flourishes, the defining details. When it comes to cosplay and character costumes, it’s these sorts of points that make or break an outfit. This is where Nova’s haberdashery options are a great asset for cosplay participants. We have a massive selection of haberdashery items including a key superhero costume requirement – shoulder pads!!!

When you’re ready to start creating your next cosplay idea, see how Nova Trimmings can help you. Contact us today.