National Sewing Machine Day -13th June

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Sewing Machine Celebration

A day to celebrate the invention of the sewing machine
Sewing machines have been used in the industrial setting for many years and have since become increasingly popular within the home environment. Sewing machines hold great importance as without them all garments would have been sewn by hand using the needle and sewing thread method, this is a time-consuming method and would cause the industry to work at a much slower pace, not meeting supply and demand deadlines.

So where did the sewing machine come from?
There is a great deal of dispute and confusion over who invented the very first working sewing machine. Historians over the years have spent many hours in dispute regarding this matter.
In 1790 an English inventor Thomas Saint designed the sewing machine and made up drawings of his ideas, however a working model was never made at this time. In 1874 William Newton Wilson came across these drawings in the Patent Office in London and added small adjustments to this design. William Newton Wilson then went on to build a working model. This model can still be seen today and is now on display in the London Science Museum.
Isaac Merritt Singer is also a big name in the sewing machine industry. The Singer Sewing Machine is Patented. Isaac Merritt Singer did not invent the sewing machine but on August 12th 1851 he patented the first practical and efficient one. The Sewing Machine War between rival patent holders and manufacturers ended with Singer’s as the industry’s dominant firm.

How can you take part in National Sewing Machine Day?
If you own a sewing machine get involved and put your skills to good use today. There are children who would love a handmade stuffed animal to cuddle, people who don’t have enough clothes to wear and shelter animals who need warm blankets for their crates. Sew something that will be truly appreciated.
National Sewing Machine Day 13th June

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