Sewing for beginners

Do you want to learn something new? Sewing can be a hobby for those needing to pass time. Nova Trimmings can help you with your sewing for beginners items.

14 March 2022

Sewing for beginners

Sewing for Beginners: What do I need to consider?

If you’re just starting your sewing journey, you’re in the right place to gather all the knowledge we have for sewing for beginners.  

It can be overwhelming to look up ‘sewing for beginners’ and be bombarded with information, so we’ve made it super-easy for you and complied all the key things to consider as a beginner! 

Sewing supplies for beginners - scissors, threads and fabric

The Essential Sewing Supplies for Beginners

At the very start, you’re likely to have none to very little supplies for sewing in your home. The staples of sewing for beginners is your needles, threads, pins, a pin cushion, and your sewing scissors. To master the art of sewing for beginners, hand-sewing is a good place to start.  

Completing your first projects by hand can be very difficult, but it is incredibly rewarding, and it teaches you the basic sewing techniques. Hand-sewing is also handy in the process of sewing for beginners, as there are fewer supplies required to begin your sewing projects! 

Choosing the right thread for the fabric you’ve chosen is an essential thing to learn in sewing for beginners. Ensure that when you’re getting your threads for your initial sewing kit, you choose a variety of colours, as well as picking out some different types of threads. Nothing worse than getting ready to sew on a new piece of material and you’re missing the right type of thread!  

At Nova Trimmings, we have an incredible collection of threads in multiple colours and types available for you to choose from, we’d love to be a part of the sewing for beginners journey you embark on! 

Sewing for Beginners: Choosing The First Project

One of the most important decisions to in sewing for beginners, is what you decide to create first. How ambitious are you going to be? Would you rather start small and aim for perfection, or would you rather aim higher and see how it goes? Either way, if you’re looking for inspiration for a first project, we’ve put together some of the best ideas we can find! 

For a more humble start in sewing for beginners, create a cute keyring, made from our polyester felt squares, some polyester stuffing, and some of our strong sewing thread. This is a great idea to have a simple practice, as felt is easy to work with and stitch, it’s also very affordable as few items are needed. Additionally, a felt keyring allows you to get creative! You can create whatever you love, or even just a smiley face.  

From the felt projects for beginners, small felt plushies make lovely gifts, especially for your friends and family. Make them as gifts or keep them for yourself, as a lovely edition for your sofa or even the passenger seat in the car! 

The Sewing Machine

When you’ve graduated to the ultimate beginner, or if you’re up to dive straight in the deep end, choosing the right sewing machine is a pivotal moment in your sewing journey.  

Do your research when choosing your sewing machine, take your time when you look around the shops, and the most important part, ensure that you try out the machine before purchasing! Make sure to consider your budget and look for a reliable brand, and verify that your machine will be a long-lasting investment. 

How exciting! Imagine you’ve got your sewing machine at home, and you’re about to begin a whole new stage of sewing for beginners.  

If you’re up for a slightly more complicated first project to be a beginner on a sewing machine, a tote bag is a popular choice within sewing for beginners. Choose a patterned fabric, a coordinating lining fabric, matching threads, pins and a measuring tape

There’s a lot more involved in the process, however, the satisfaction of pulling out your own tote bag at the shop counter will be an amazing feeling. (Make sure to flaunt it for compliments when you get it out too!)  

This is our list of essential supplies and some ideas for getting started are below. At Nova Trimmings, we have all supplies for sewing for beginners, and hopefully we can help you start your journey. 

We’re extremely happy to be a part of your journey from a sewing beginner to experienced sewer to expert sewer. Have fun walking around with your handmade tote bag, felt keyring and in your very own stitched clothes!