This Summers Top Dressmaking Fabric Trends

Dress making has become a big trend in recent years! With so many fabrics and styles of dress to consider, we have broken down some of the top trends and styles for you to consider when making your new summer dress this year…

Top Fabrics in 2022!

There are so many different fabrics to choose from when looking to create your dream summer style. Some of the top trending fabrics of 2022 include:

  • Cotton – light, breathable and comfortable
  • Denim and Chambray – classic comfort
  • Jersey – sharp and clean look
  • Linen – light and breathable
  • Gingham – bold and lightweight

Denim and gingham are examples of fabric trends that never go out of fashion! They simply change how they are made fashionable. In 2022, chambray/denim dresses are a big up and coming trend with ladies enjoying the casual, lightweight style in a new way!

If you are looking for a lightweight summer dress, a linen or gingham fabric can be a great choice. They are lightweight, comfortable and can be a bold and bright as you personally require!

Linen Fabric - Summer Trends
Dressmaking Fabrics - red and white chequer fabric

Factors to Consider for Dress Making

Everyone has been to a shop, purchased a dress and when worn, it can be scratchy and uncomfortable! If you have moved away from shop bought items and have decided to make your own summer dress, there are a few factors to take into consideration when buying your dressmaking fabrics:

  • Fabric must be comfortable to wear – you aren’t going to be wearing something that is itchy or uncomfortable!
  • Be sure the fabric is breathable
  • Consider the fabrics weight – the weight of fabric will affect how it drops and flows. If you want something free flowing, long and lightweight, your choice of fabric must reflect this.
  • Think about what the dress is for…. work, holiday, or casual wear? – If your dress is for work, you may consider a Jersey fabric to bring a clean, crisp look to your dress in comparison to a holiday feel that is lightweight, free flowing and bold in colour.

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