Haberdashery Near Me

Are you looking for your local hub for crafting materials? Do you enjoy sewing and need some new threads? Why not check out the haberdashery near you.

Nova Trimmings is a haberdashery in Birmingham, home to fabrics, threads, and craft supplies of all shapes and sizes. Whatever you are looking for to keep you crafting, Nova Trimmings will be able to find the solution for you.

What is a Haberdashery?

A haberdashery is the place to go for your sewing, knitting, fabric making or crafting materials.

Nova Trimmings have been in the haberdashery industry for over 50 years, becoming the local Birmingham hub for all things craft, trimmings, and tailoring.

Should you need fabrics for something specific, or you just fancy making a new dress for yourself, Nova Trimmings have a vast array of fabrics including crushed velvet, lace, nettings, patterned fabrics and more.

Alternatively, if you are looking to find the finishing touches to your work, Nova Trimmings have buttons, ribbons, embellishments, braids, and trims available in different shapes, sizes, colours, textures and more!

Fulfil Your Crafting Cravings!

Whether you are an avid crafter, or you enjoy knitting in your spare time, a haberdashery hub is the place for you to fulfil your crafting needs.

Superstitch is a brand designed and created by Nova Trimmings themselves. If you are a sewing fanatic, this is the perfect range of sewing threads for you. The collection includes different yard lengths of 120s spun polyester as well as overlooking cones! Take a look at the collection online today or visit the haberdashery near you.

A Haberdashery Near Me - Nova Trimmings

Everything you might need is at your fingertips with Nova Trimmings online. Take a look online and place your orders with us!

For further information on any of our products, do not hesitate to contact us online or give our team a call.

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