You need wholesale suppliers who can offer huge numbers, a vast choice of styles, and a wide range of colours when it comes to fulfilling your trade craft haberdashery demands. When your company requires large-scale production, buying diverse items from stores, markets, or merchants is pointless.

Which is why Nova Trimmings Solihull is the wholesale haberdashery leading supplier for craft retailers and manufacturers throughout the United Kingdom.

Our Haberdashery Services Solihull

Nova Trimmings is primarily a cash-and-carry haberdashery store that has been in business since 1971. Our wholesale Haberdashery Solihull warehouse is ideally located, allowing clients to come in and buy directly from us while also allowing us to transport to customers around Solihull, the West Midlands, and the United Kingdom.

Haberdashery wholesale commerce has long operated like any other cash and carry business, with physical retailing and customer-facing transactions. Despite the fact that our clients may still phone, email, or visit our haberdashery hub to be served by our warehouse staff, Nova Trimmings thinks that wholesale haberdashery in Solihull should be brought into the digital era.

As a result, you may now purchase all of our haberdashery, trimmings, and fabrics online. Furthermore, we provide free shipping within the UK for purchases over £30. This is a fantastic incentive for haberdashery distributors.

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Our Wholesale Haberdashery Range

Now for the exciting part: Nova Trimmings' extensive and diversified product line!

Our unique offering is a large and diverse assortment of low-cost wholesale sewing thread. You'll have no trouble finding the proper amount of sewing thread in the right colours, kinds, and lengths before your next project. Another of our most popular products is SUPERSTITCH, which includes 120s spun polyester overlocking cones in sizes: 500, 1000, and 5000 yards, as well as Bulk 80s overlocking cones.

We can also meet all of your project specifications with the remainder of our inventory as Solihull's artisan wholesale haberdashery supplier:

If you can't find what you need in our inventory, please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to assist you by exploring our inventory, creating goods in-house, or visiting one of our suppliers, as needed.

Wholesale Haberdashery Warehouse

If you desire a more hands-on and closer examination approach to discovering and buying haberdashery, trimming, and fabric, you may visit our wholesale haberdashery storehouse near Solihull.

To see where we are, click here.

We may then process and manage your order for takeout or delivery as needed, with professional guidance and help from our skilled workers.

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We have a fabric for everything

Fabric to suit every occassion and every craft.

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We have a buttons to suit every craft

Antique to quirky, we have buttons for every craft

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We have zips for every kind of fastening

Find the perfect closure with the perfect zip

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We have a complete haberdashery

A complete haberdashery for all kinds of craft