Wholesale Haberdashery Halesowen

When it comes to servicing your trade craft haberdashery needs, you require wholesale suppliers who really can deliver large quantities, a wide range of styles, and a wide range of colours. It's meaningless to acquire various things from stores, markets, or merchants when your organisation demands large-scale manufacturing.

That is why Nova Trimmings Halesowen is the wholesale haberdashery supplier of choice for craft stores and manufacturers all over the UK.

Our Haberdashery Services Halesowen

Nova Trimmings is first and foremost a cash and carry haberdashery store that has been in operation since 1971. Our wholesale Haberdashery Halesowen warehouse is conveniently positioned, allowing customers to come in and buy directly from us, as well as making it easier for us to transport to consumers throughout Halesowen, the West Midlands, and the United Kingdom.

Haberdashery wholesale trading has traditionally operated in the same way as any other cash and carry firm, with physical retailing & customer-facing transactions. Although our customers can still call, email, or visit our haberdashery hub to be served by our warehouse crew, Nova Trimmings believes that wholesale haberdashery should be brought into the digital age.

As a result, all of our haberdashery, trims, and fabrics are now available for purchase online. Furthermore, for orders above £30, we provide free delivery across continental UK. A terrific reward for haberdashery

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Our Wholesale Haberdashery Range

Now for the good stuff – Nova Trimmings’ huge and varied range of stock!

Our signature product is a large and diverse selection of low-cost wholesale sewing thread. For your next project, you'll have no trouble finding the proper amount of colours, types, and lengths of sewing thread. SUPERSTITCH - 120s spun polyester, available in 500 yards, 1000 yards, 5000 yards overlocking cones, and Bulk 80s overlocking cones — is another of our proudest products.

As Halesowen's craft wholesale haberdashery supplier, we can also satisfy ALL of your project requirements with the rest of our inventory:

If you can't find exactly what you're looking for in our inventory, please contact us and we'll do our best to help you by searching our inventory, producing items in-house, or consulting one of our suppliers, as appropriate.

Our Wholesale Haberdashery Online

So, if you need wholesale craft and haberdashery items delivered quickly, go to Novatrimmings.co.uk and place your order immediately.

Wholesale Haberdashery Warehouse

You can visit our wholesale haberdashery warehouse in Halesowen if you prefer a more hands-on and closer inspection approach to finding and buying for your haberdashery, trimming, and fabric needs. Click here to see where we are.

With expert advice and support from our trained employees, we can then process and organise your order for takeaway or delivery as needed.