In order to satisfy the trade craft haberdashery needs of small and large businesses, wholesale suppliers must be able to carry large quantities, and their products must be in diverse styles and colors. When your own business needs to manufacture products on a large scale, there is no point buying oddments from stores, markets, and retailers.

Across the UK, craft retailers and manufacturers choose Nova Trimmings Dudley as their wholesale haberdashery supplier.

Our Haberdashery Services Dudley

Nova Trimmings is traditionally a cash and carry haberdashery business that has been established since 1971. Because of Dudley's central location, our wholesale Haberdashery Birmingham warehouse makes it ideal for our customers to drop by and physically shop, as well as for us to deliver to Dudley, the West Midlands, and the UK for our customers.

haberdashery wholesale trading has been like any cash and carry business, with physical retailing and customer-facing transactions. As well as offering this service, where customers can contact us by phone, email, or visit our warehouse and speak with a sales associate, Nova Trimmings is also committed to taking wholesale haberdashery into the digital age.

As a result, all of our fabric and trimmings are now available to purchase online. Furthermore, customers receive free delivery across the UK when they order over £30. What an incredible discount for wholesale haberdashery buyers.


Our Wholesale Haberdashery Dudley

Our flagship offering is our huge and diverse range of great value wholesale sewing thread. You'll find exactly what you need for your next project when it comes to the number of colors, type, and length of sewing threads. Our company also manufactures our own brand of thread called SUPERSTITCH, we offer 120s spun polyester in 500 yard cones, 1000 yard cones, and 5000 yard cones, as well as bulk 80s cones.

As the top craft haberdashery supplier in Dudley, we can fulfil all your needs for your project with our range of supplies:

Wholesale Haberdashery Warehouse

Visit our wholesale haberdashery warehouse in Birmingham to shop for your fabric, trimming, and haberdashery needs on a more hands-on and closer inspection basis. To find where we are, click here.

We can provide expert advice and assistance to you during your search, and then process and arrange your order for delivery or takeout.

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We have a fabric for everything

Fabric to suit every occassion and every craft.

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We have a buttons to suit every craft

Antique to quirky, we have buttons for every craft

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We have zips for every kind of fastening

Find the perfect closure with the perfect zip

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We have a complete haberdashery

A complete haberdashery for all kinds of craft