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Haberdashery Trimmings

Sewing for beginners

Sewing for Beginners: What do I need to consider? If you’re just starting your sewing journey, you’re in the right place to gather all the knowledge we have for sewing for beginners.   It can be overwhelming to look up ‘sewing for beginners’ and be bombarded with information, so we’ve made it super-easy for you and…

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The Great British Sewing Bee

gaining inspiration from the great British sewing bee

The Great British Sewing Bee is a reality tv show that first aired on BBC two in April 2013, the show consists of 10 talented amateur sewers that are competing for the title of “Britain’s best home sewer” The TV show has had many good years on air, and coming into 2022 everyone is awaiting…

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Cosplay Costume Ideas & Creation

cosplay costumes

For a blog on cosplay costume creation ideas that usually inspire thoughts of superhero movie outfits, there’s only one opening line and tone of voice we can go for… *Adopts best movie trailer voice*…In A World, where superhero movies are revered and re-watched every single day, there is a niche, yet very popular craze/hobby –…

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Making your own Facemasks?

Elastic Roll for Facemasks

To get crafting all you need is elastic roll, dress fabric, sewing thread, a sewing needle, and some craft scissors. But first, you need to think about what the best materials are for your facemask. Your main points to consider should be breathability, comfort, safety and of course style. Why Dress Fabric? Dress fabric hits…

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COVID 19 Update – PPE

covid under microscope

PPE Is A Necessity Coronavirus has taken hold of the world and is spreading at an alarming rate. It first originated in Wuhan in December 2019 and has since continued to grow affecting 211 countries internationally. Coronavirus is also known as COVID-19 is predominately a respiratory illness that can lead to severe pneumonia accompanied by…

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National Sewing Machine Day -13th June

Sewing Machine Celebration A day to celebrate the invention of the sewing machine Sewing machines have been used in the industrial setting for many years and have since become increasingly popular within the home environment. Sewing machines hold great importance as without them all garments would have been sewn by hand using the needle and…

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